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Horses on the Forest Farm!

Our horses are very special friends
 that we share our lives with.
 They are bold and physically fit
in order to tackle the terrain of the Siskyous,
totally interactive, and have personality plus. 


D'Talentt playing in the mud
D'talentt & me on a forest trail
D'Talentt running to my call

D'Talentt is an Arabian stallion,
full of fire, who loves running
and riding long distances.

A hip-hopping horse with a name to match his personality,
D'Talentt works hard and after a long ride
 he wants a good roll in the cool, green grass
under the shade of the trees.

D'Talentt & Scout love playing together
D'Talentt rolling in the grass
D'Talentt ready for a roll after a ride

A hard-charging boy who is always on the move and on the lookout for action,
D'Talentt just can't seem to keep those crazy feet still!

Perfect Trot

Tail up, nose out- Arabian style!

Hit it!

Redhawk & me hot on the trail

Sir Redhawk is a Thoroughbred gelding,
highly refined and graceful with incredible heart.
A copper penny sorrel with a white stripe down his face, 
he also has white highlights on his long, long legs. 

Dancing Red Bear is muscular and smart,
a sorrel Quarter horse gelding
who loves being nosy and causing trouble whenever he can.

Sir Redhawk and Dancing Red Bear
Horses grazing in the meadow

Sir Redhawk's favorite pastime is running. 
Second place is grazing on green gass,
but he does not mind sharing.

Sir Redhawk sharing his pasture with deer

Red Bear as a colt with Yukon and me

Maleo Kay and me in New Mexico

As a baby, Dancing Red Bear was not much larger  than the
malamute/wolf hybrid, Yukon, but he grew tall and strong.  

Alpinista & I on the Greensprings

Maleo Kay, a beautiful sorrel
 Quarter horse filly that I bought
 whenI was in high school.  
She had a great racing career and many fine colts.

Alpinista, a Peruvian Paso mare, 
 and I- tired but very happy 
 after completing a 30- mile
 endurance race.

Inspecting work with the horses

Kendrick Forest   
Wilderville, Oregon