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The Old CCC-Solution to a New Problem?

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 The Old CCC-

 Solution to a Current Problem?

j.a. kendrick


Perhaps you are familiar with the old CCC (Civilian Conservation Corp) that was utilized by our government to help provide jobs during the great depression. The CCC enabled people to get out in nature, make money to feed their families and build the park infrastructures for our nation. Here in Oregon, many beautiful trails, rock walls, campgrounds etc. are still here today to be enjoyed by visitors. It gives us great pride to think of the hard work so many people undertook and how the legacy of that work stands today. 


I once knew an elderly lady who was constantly talking about the old CCC and how she felt that it could be utilized now to keep kids out of trouble- so much so that people would wince when she started because they knew where she was going.  I will admit that I too did not quite get her point until the recent economic crisis.  Now I absolutely understand what she meant and clearly see her point…perhaps not so much for helping kids out of trouble- but for helping our economy.  


With Federal funding for lost timber revenues drying up, this could be an answer to Oregon counties’ funding problems.  Since the Federal government does not want to provide O & C funds, perhaps they would be more amenable to funding a program that would not only benefit counties who need the funds, but would put people back to work in these times of economic hardship. At this juncture, I believe that this could be a part of the solution to a very large problem.


There are many people here in Oregon who worked in the woods and would like to again.  Men who transitioned from the woods into the construction industry have now found those jobs are shrinking down to nothing and find themselves in dire straits trying to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads. These men could provide a workforce of ready, well-trained and able workers in the woods.


In addition, this could provide truly "green" jobs and help people to gain a greater understanding of the natural environment, along with building mental and physical strength.   All of these are something that our people and our country could truly benefit from today.   It would seem that our politicians might give consideration to creating a modern day CCC to assist with economic stimulus, national park & forest improvement, providing really "green" jobs and building pride in our nation again.


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