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Ecosystem Services
Ecosystem services is a new concept that connects people
who would like to actively do something constructive for the health of our planet,
with people like us who can make that desire become reality. 
  Planting trees may seem a trivial endeavor, but living trees serve many purposes including: cooling the earth's surface; pumping oxygen into the air; sequestering carbon from the atmosphere; providing homes for wildlife; or simply, beauty. 

Read our article: "Ecosystem Services- Making the Link"

Our Tree Planting Program
Every year we plant native tree species.

 Sugar Pine, Ponderosa Pine,

Incense Cedar, Red Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, 

Coastal Redwood or Giant Sequoia.

Deciduous trees:

 Oregon Ash, Red Alder, Bigleaf Maple

and Douglas Hawthorne.


Don’t worry,…  We take care of the little guys

 after they are planted.

Other Programs/Goals
   Riparian project-   A roadway that runs adjacent to the creek will be moved over ten feet and a green riparian strip planted to cool the creek corridor.
   Expansion project- There is so much land around us that needs work. One of our goals is to purchase as much additional acreage as possible to improve using our Forest Farm management principles. 
Native  species Seed Bank-   Many species of native shrubs and trees grow here. Seed collection is a means of ensuring that those species are never lost.  
Enrichment plantings to increase both structural and functional diversity on a hot South slope where little was left for us, after a timber theft. 
Density reduction and cleanup in an area along our property line where logging debri  was shoved by timber trespassers, is needed to reduce fire risk.
A  Carbon Sequestration credit system is being put together by agencies/groups that we are a member of. Our healthy, productive forest is already performing this service, so we are interested in weather it might be a beneficial partnership.  
Workshop construction is a priority for the upcoming year. We have managed with individual sheds, shops and the barn, but we must consolidate to improve productivity and quality.
Inquire regarding these and other programs
 that you can participate in now!

Multi-aged Incense Cedar stand planted 5 and 7 years ago.

One of the Redwoods planted

Incense Cedar ready to plant

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Kendrick Forest   
Wilderville, Oregon