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Many species of trees grow in symbiosis


~ Native Plant Collection ~

Protection of Diversity
 is our Goal!

This Forest Farm is overproductive!

It seems that every square inch of our land wants to produce
some kind of Native plant, fern, forb or fungi.
We have a serious overcrowding problem, so we harvest someof these Wildings to leave growing room and nutrients for those plants remaining where they started.
We carefully collect some of the multitude of Native plants growing en masse.
 Into a pot or bed in the Forest Farm Nursery they go, where they will grow healthy roots and one day find a new home.

While some of our Native stock is from the wild, some is grown from seed, cuttings or starts to ensure that the diverse complement of species placed here by Nature are never lost. All of our Natives are reproductions by Nature herself, and can be raised by caring hands who respect them for their diversity and individuality in Nature's Garden.

They can live happily as semi-wild, slightly- gentled Natives,

if given a location conducive to survival and care appropriate for its needs. 
Natives thrive to bring natural beauty to the home for years to come.

Detailed Information & photos of Native Plant Species

Detailed information & photos of Native Tree Species

A large sword fern, just wrestled into burlap!


   Below are the Species that we normally have in Stock:

 Please check the link above for current Nursery Stock availability sizes & prices.

Please ask if there is something special that you want-

we often have a few items that are not on the list!


             Acer circinatum                           Vine Maple

                 Acer macrophyllum                    Big-leaf Maple

                Alnus rubra                                    Red Alder

                Amelanchier alnifolia                  Serviceberry       

                Calocedrus decurrens                 Incense Cedar

                Chamaecyparis lawsonia            Port Orford Cedar

                Cornus sericea                              Red-osier Dogwood       

                Crataegus douglasii                     Black Hawthorn     

               Fraxinus latifolia                            Oregon Ash                                                       

                Holodiscus discolor                    Oceanspray

                Philadelphus lewisii                        Mockorange                        

            Physocarpus capitatus             Pacific Ninebark

           Pinus ponderosa                             Ponderosa Pine                                                  

                Populus tremuloides                      Quaking Aspen                                 

                Populus trichocarpa                       Black Cottonwood  

                Quercus garryana                          Oregon White Oak                                          

                Quercus kelloggi                            California Black Oak

                Rhamnus purshiana                         Cascara     

                Ribes sanguinum                              Red-flowering Currant

                Rosa nutkana                                   Nootka rose          

               Rubus spectabilis                             Salmonberry

                Salix spp.                                                                       

                (S. lasiandra &. sitchensis)            Pacific & Sitka willow                                        

                (S. geyeriana & sessifolia)            Geyer & Sandbar,soft leaf                             

                Spiraea douglasii                            Douglas spiraea                   

                Sequoia sempervirens                    Coastal Redwood                         

                Sequoiadendron giganteum          Giant Sequoia   

                Symphoricarpos albus                   Snowberry

                Thuja plicata                                    Western Red Cedar

                Umbellularia californica                 Bay Laurel                                          

        Vaccinium ovatum                             Evergreen Huckleberry

Ferns available:   Deer, Sword, Licorice and Woodwardia in sizes from small

to very large, packaged in burlap and ready for transport. We will load

the large ones for you at no charge          




Photos on this website may not be copied, reproduced or otherwise utilized without express written consent and appropriate credits.

Kendrick Forest   
Wilderville, Oregon