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Operation and maintenance of our forest farm has required a large investment of both time and money.  The farm income has always been limited and required that we have income from outside sources.

After long careers in our respective fields, we are pleased to provide our services in

Natural Resources Consulting .

Our Business Philosophy

The objective of our business is to provide a high quality and reliable service for our customers.  Whether it involves a simple project that you want to accomplish, or working with government agencies to enable you to accomplish your goal or handle a problem, our backgrounds and many years of experience will help.

We can assist with required reports and other paperwork that may be daunting. We can provide problem solving analysis and clarification of issues, with recommendations on solutions, methods and cost.  We also provide field services to accomplish some of the work and have developed a network of people who can provide additional expertise.    

Our Consulting Business

Our firm combines our education and experience to assist property owners with issues that are of concern.  Mr. Kendrick was educated in the broad field of Environmental Studies with water resources being his primary career for thirty-five years. He carries various certifications and licenses in several western states.  Locally, he is a Master Watershed Steward and Master Woodland Manager and served both on the board of directors and as past-president of the local chapter of Oregon Small Woodlands Association.  Combined with Mrs. Kendrick's thirty-five years of experience in civil engineering design, land development & planning, project management and inspection, our background and experience enable us to provide a balanced approach to any project.  Problem solving abilities, effective presentation & coordination skills ensure satisfactory project completion. 

Although it is our respective technical fields which have required continuing education certifications in order to stay current with technology and methods, a thirst for knowledge has been the force that drives us both.  Since some of our natural resource work has been on the Forest Farm, it provides a physical manifestation that serves as its own recommendation.       

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Photos on this website may not be copied, reproduced or otherwise utilized without express written consent and appropriate credits.

Rattlesnake Orchid

Need Photography?

  A forest or other natural features are often difficult to photograph and Nature can provide us with spectacular views that should be preserved for sharing.

We can provide photographic services with highest quality images in digital or hardcopy format.     Contact us to discuss your particular needs and to obtain cost and scheduling. 

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Some Favorite
Natural Resource

Redwood Wetland Project

Redwood Wetland is a project nearby that provides us with an opportunity to touch the lives of many people. Originally a state-mandated mitigation site, it has become a local nature site for surrounding residents, as well as a home or wayside for the many types of wildlife that can be seen there.  Its two small ponds provide cool, respite for weary migratory birds and home for others. 

In addition to coordination with agencies for approvals; management of the initial  project; field inspections; required field revisions to  design during construction; coordination with community groups;  and ongoing maintenance of the wetland site; we prepared permanent informational signs, which were installed at the observation platform, to assist people in understanding the workings of & benefits provided by the wetland and to give background on the inhabitants of the wetlands; and provided  status reports with in-depth information regarding our work and site observatiions.      

Duck at home in the Redwood Wetland

Fire Suppression Thinning Project

This is a fire supression thinning project undertaken to help protect a homesite in the event of fire. You will notice that the forest floor is somewhat cleared beneath the trees to remove fire fuels and the trees have been pruned high up on the bole to prevent them from acting as fuel ladders, carrying fire up into the tree crowns. 

Fire Suppression Thinning Project

Embankment/Stabilization Project
A creek embankment project for a local landowner was necessary to  prevent loss of land due to chipping away of the creek bank from water movement. Field work was initiated to collect necessary design data & calculations were undertaken to determine elevations/water levels. Reports and Plans were prepared for submittal to Division of State Lands/Army Corp of Engineers as required for permitting. Coordination with Marine Fisheries Habitat Conservation Division was required for approval of the project.  Recommendations & Construction Drawings were prepared to facilitate field construction.

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