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Available to Forest Landowners:

When we first started, it was very difficult to find any information and nobody wanted to tell us much of anything.  Once we found the right informational resources, we were really able to make progress.  We love getting people involved in ecological forest management and want to share what we have learned so that people can get down to the business of managing their forests without wasting so much time and effort searching for info.


Please understand that there is a lot of information available and you must choose for yourself what to use and what to take with a grain of salt for your particular piece of  forestland and its particular set of issues.  You are the steward of your forestland and must make the best decisions for it. 


Public agencies like the Oregon Department of Forestry, Bureau of Land Management and the U.S.National Forests can provide information on local regulations, rules and current projects that may impact your land. Contacting the local offices can be useful and the websites for these agencies contain a great deal of information at the click of a mouse. These agencies are full of interested, educated folks who are usually ready and able to work with you.


Oregon State University Extension Forestry is the definitive "invaluable resource" of technical information and can provide as much data as you can absorb.  Their personnel are extremely well-educated and personablefolks who are absolutely immersed in their field, totally interested in providing service and always there to assist you.  They can provide you with the basics of forest tree/plant identification if you need it. They can provide basic information on forest management to get you started and they have plenty of in-depth topics to keep you interested and informed in all aspects of forest management, as well as natural resources.  The local forestry extension agent often serves as liason between groups related to forestry, watersheds and other natural resources with classes, tours and work projects.   There are very minimal costs involved and often all it costs is your time. This is not a bad investment, particularly when you see it really start making sense.  For the computer savvy, the Extension Service has more information than you could ever ask for, available online.  Get in contact with your local agent today!


There are several private organizations that you can join, among these are the National Woodland Owners Association, the American Tree Farm System, the Oregon Small Wooodlands Association (Small Woodlands/ Family Forests Associations in your area).  These organizations can help you to gain insight and interact with other people who are interested in all types of forestry management techniques.  People who grow trees are a wild and varied lot, but we have one common interest that draws us together- forestry. You are sure to find others that you can identify with.


A few of the resources are provided in the links at right just to get you started.

A healthy forest stand

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Public Agencies and Private Organizations are available as a learning resource to forestland owners.


Public Agencies:

OSU Extension Forestry

Oregon Department of Forestry

Forest Owners Organizations:

Oregon Small Woodlands Association

National Woodland Owners Association

American Tree Farm System

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