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 Life on our family forest farm: 


We are family owned and operated and we spend time every day either working in the forest or on our projects.  Our passion in life is our Forest Farm and our dedication and pride show in our healthy forest and happy, abundant wildlife.  We find an incredible diversity of life in our forest as we work or walk. We truly appreciate the many gifts that Nature surprises us with and never cease to be astonished at finding something new and unique.


We try to live lightly on the land, taking advantage of our exceptional location and natural resources. We grow our own vegetables & fruit and have a small native plant nursery to provide for our needs.  We have installed our own water system so that we not only have well water, we have soft spring water to our home and water our gardens and nursery from the natural springs on our property, without use of electricity-only gravity provided by Nature.  We use no chemicals so we can pick fresh blackberries along the creek and gather fresh wild ginger, edible flowers and native herbs.  It is a lot of work, but a freezer full of healthy food and a pantry full of jams, jellies and other goodies is really nice in the middle of winter!


A few of our many 
Helpers and Inhabitants:

Mama deer ignoring us

Hondo- malamute talking

Nicole helping in the woods

Scout and Shiloh taking a swim break

Some of the incredible plants in our forest:

Long-haired Wild Ginger

Calypso Orchid

Giant Fawn Lily

Miner's Lettuce


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For contact about the critters on our Forest Farm send e-mail to:

Kendrick Forest   
Wilderville, Oregon