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   Tell us what you think about our web site and our forestry concepts.  Naturally, there are many who do not agree with our type of  forestry and we understand that.  We are very simply trying to find the middle ground between two extremes- producing the necessary resources for man and managing in a manner that will conserve for the future.  We do not expect everyone to agree with us and respect their right to manage their land as they choose. We ask that they respect our right to our beliefs.   Assuming that you  have looked at our sight with an open mind, is there anything you would like to see? Do you have any questions or comments?  We are truly interested, so let us know what you think.

 If a page loads slowly, we would appreciate it if you'd let us know. We are always fine-tuning our site. 


To send e-mail regarding the website, click the link below :

To send e-mail directly to Alex  regarding management issues or  jeannie regarding photos or website content,  click one of  the links below :

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We will post e-mails that are extremely interesting or those that may serve to inspire discussion of broad forestry issues on our Forestry Forum page. Please let us know if you want yours posted so that others may respond! 

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Photographic Content Note:

All photographs have been taken by and are the property of  Alex and jeannie Kendrick. None of the photographs on this website may be copied, reproduced or otherwise utilized without  express written permission and appropriate credits.  For inquiries regarding use of photographs, please use the link above for   jeannie and specify "photographic authorization" in the subject line.

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Locating equipment and supplies related to forestry can be difficult.  The following are a few of the forestry suppliers from which you can obtain equipment and supplies that you need.


Bailey's Link deleted- Data breach

Ben Meadows

Forestry Suppliers

For top quality compost and soil mixes, contact our friends at:
Southern Oregon Compost LLC
Grants Pass, Oregon

Earth Spinning

Interesting Sites/Links:


Thanks to our Friends

Brooks Tree Farm

Consider them for your large-quantity tree orders!






If you have products that forest land owners might need and would like to have your company listed on this site, please contact us. 

There are many folks who would like to know who you are and what you have to offer!



Photos on this website may not be copied, reproduced or otherwise utilized without express written consent and appropriate credits.

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