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Tours of the Forest Farm: 

We were named Josephine County Tree Farmers of the Year in 1991 and we enjoy having tours of our Forest Farm so that we may be of assistance to other people interested in managing their forested properties. Naturally, we want them to try using an ecological approach, but mainly we just want people to become active in managing their forests.


We have tours that are open to both other forest land owners and the interested public, at various times of the year. In addition, our Forest Farm is available for educational classes. We are proud of our work here on the Forest Farm and are very happy to show off our life's work- although it is a work in progress.  


Touring other forest properties over the years has given us great insight. We have seen some things that we were intrigued with and some things that we adamantly would never do to our land.  By actually seeing the results of a particular forest management technique, you can save yourself a lot of angst and sometimes come away with a clear idea of where you want to go-or don't want to go, with your property.   


Sunlit area under the Cedars

Tiger Lilies

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Contact us for tours or classes at Kendrick Forest Farm:

Kendrick Forest   
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