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Established in 1985, this forest farm is a non-Industrial, family-operated,
natural forest- not a commercial "tree farm" with neat rows of trees.
This forest is managed utilizing ecological forest farm principles
 to ensure that our forest perpetuates healthy, biodiverse ecosystems.

 The land is managed in accordance with scientific forest management
practices that apply, and we utilize those practices dictated by Nature 
to maintain forest health.
We produce a very limited quantity of commercial forest crops in the course of performing our greatest duty- which is to be good stewards, to protect the equilibrium of the earth's forest ecosystems.  We provide an area conducive to many native species of trees & plants and provide
habitat for a variety of forest creatures.  

We are Green-tag certified by the National Forestry Association in cooperation with the Association of Consulting Foresters & the National Woodland Owners Association under the auspices of the American Forest Council. We are certified sustainable members of the American Tree Farm System and members of the National  Woodland Owners & the Oregon Small Woodlands Associations.

What is a Forest?

      A forest is so much more than an area that grows trees. It is an assemblage of many components which      constitute a living ecosystem.

Some of these components include landform, elevation, aspect of the sun, rainfall, average temperature, water, soil and all of the plants, animals and myriad other living things within an area that create an interwoven web of life.   

              We grow forests, not just trees.                        The following pages contain information on many aspects of this activity that you may have never considered before.

Our Certifications:

US ID #28 Oregon #04

Nat. ID # 20048831 Oregon# 001219

Green-tag Certification Information


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Oregon Small Woodland Owners Association
Josephine County Chapter
Tree Farmers of the Year 1991
A Kendrick Family Legacy

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